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          Product center
          • SH-O-40


            Product Category 2 Brief Description
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          • gas burner SH-O-90

            Gas burner SH-O-90

            Product Category 1 Brief Description
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          • gas burner SH-O-150

            Gas burner SH-O-150

            Product Category 3 Brief Description
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          • gas burner SH-O-230

            Gas burner SH-O-230

            Product Category 4 Brief Description
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          About us

          Foshan Nanburn Thermal Energy Equipment Co., Ltd.A professional company that integrates various industrial furnace combustion control system design, equipment selection, installation and commissioning, and kiln transformation. The company's address is located in Foshan, Foshan City, Nanhai District, one of the world's four modern Chinese and Ming Dynasty. It manufactures various industrial furnace heating systems and temperature control systems in baking ovens, continuous bright annealing furnaces, trolley furnaces, shuttle kiln furnaces, furnaces and electric furnaces. The company operates products: gas, oil burners, Industrial furnace burners. Supporting products: intelligent control instrument, electric actuator, integrated ignition controller, gas pressure regulator, air-fuel proportional valve, gas solenoid valve, thermocouple, etc., the company's products are widely used in metallurgy, ceramics, building materials, chemicals, and other industries. .

          Latest Products

          Gas burner SH-O-150
          Gas burner SH-O-150 More
          Gas burnerSH-O-60
          Gas burnerSH-O-60 More
          Gas burner SH-O-230
          Gas burnerSH-O-230 More
          information centre
          • High temperature mode of the burner controller


            Normal operation mode of the burner controller When the burner is in the startup phase and normal operation, the burner controller should monitor the flame status in real time. When the flame is extinguished, the controller should cut off the gas supply in time to ensure the safety of the system.

          • Gas burner introduction


            Gas burners are the most important components in gas appliances. Evaluate whether the design of the burner is ideal. Different standards are required from different angles. Generally, the following aspects can be considered:

          • Gas burner classification


            Gas burner classification There are many types of burners, which can only be classified according to partial commonality. (1) Press air classification once

          • Classification of burners - flame burners and flameless burners


            Depending on the degree of mixing of gas and air before combustion, the combustion method of gaseous fuel can be roughly divided into two types: flaming combustion and flameless combustion, and the corresponding two combustion devices are called flaming burners (low pressure burners). And a flameles…

          • Burner ignition failure analysis and solution


            Regardless of any type of burner, there is an ignition process. Due to unfamiliarity with the performance of the product, or the basic ignition process, the ignition failure may occur during the initial ignition of the burner, which often affects the progress of the entire project.

          • Air/fuel proportional valve operation


            The air-fuel ratio proportional valve is generally installed on the gas branch line before the burner for the adjustment of the gas flow during continuous control or pulse control. In the combustion control, we generally only drive the butterfly valve or solenoid valve of the air pipe to